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All in all not a bad guy .......

..... if looks, brains and personality don't count.

4 January
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"A man can convince anyone he's somebody else, but never himself." - Verbal

40 oz. of knowledge, a waking life, acoustic, acoustic guitar, after all these years, after school pog tournaments, all nighters, attempting to be unpredictable, attributingwealthtononmaterialposessions, baseball shirts on girls, beauty in unexpected places, beer n' skittles, beer pong marathons, being a goofball, being contradictory, being in the know, being oblivious to reality, being overly considerate, belated thank you cards, biggest non-smoking pot head, bookstores, calvin and hobbes, catch-22, chocolate milk, cinematography, clearance section, comfortable silence, coming up unclutch, confusing dreams with reality, crashing weddings, designated drivers, digging for quarters, diners, dodgers, doing nothing, drawing/writing on restaurant napkins, drive-in movies, drunkaloneyians, eleventeen, everything else, film noir, flip flops, for the time being, forced to like guinness, free refills, freudian slips, frightened to be fearless, g.i.joe kung fu grips, glimpsing my true self, great expectations, green tea, hammocks, having tomorrow off, hellos but never goodbyes, how we were, illogical possibilities, important documents on napkins, inappropriate laughter, inspector gadget common sense, instant gratification, karaoke, knowing what's important, late night parlays, late night phone calls, laughing till it hurts, lazy rainy days, letting the pieces fall, losing track of time, loving you loving me, making forts, making movies, making up words, meaningless arguments, michael jordan's birthday, midnight cookies n' milk, midnight movies, midnight slurpee sessions, mis-en-scene, more cowbell, my insane family, mystery science theater 3000, nintendo, not believing in coincidence, obscure geographical locations, obtaining wisdom through experience, orcutt burger, paralelluniverseswhereiamasuperhero, parking lot pow-wows, peanut butter toast, people watching, peoplewhoknowbetterbutdoitanyway, philosophic nonsense, post-its, pretending to be cool, random acts of kindness, ridiculous stories, road trips, root beer floats, saving the universe, say anything, saying random things, searching for treasure, sitting on the porch, sleeping in, smiling for no reason, sothere'sthatatleastihavethat, staying in hotels, stealing secrets, streetcorner philosophers, sublime, sunday football mornings, superheroes, sweatshirt weather, taco works chips, takingbeautifulmomentshomew/me, talking about nothing, temporary lifetime goals, the big lebowski, the decisive moment, this one thing, throwing bows, time travel, top secret missions, totally exaggerating stories, totally missing first base, trampolines, triple red turtle shells, unexpected phonecalls, unnoticed things, using two straws, vegas baby vegas, waking up at noon, wall-e, want to travel, watching movies, what dreams may come, who's on first, wishing at 11:11, writing, wz...what would, you do if, you had a $million?, you making my day